About Us

Matt Hartman – @runnineverlong

Born and raised in Illinois and now living in Arkansas.  For my whole professional career I have been an IT professional.  I got into fashion about 3 years ago due to a work performance review. Here’s a summary of that story….

Through my professional career I have moved up the ‘food chain’ quickly and end up having a lot of responsibility.  My whole life I’ve had the challenge of looking much younger what I am.  So while I was meeting with my clients they would report back to my boss why he had a college kid reporting to him.  He would then explain to them that I was much older than they thought and had the capabilities to perform the job.  While this was happening I had no idea so I come to my performance review and my boss says….you need to ‘dress to impress’.  I asked what he meant and he mentioned to me that dressing better will help generate respect from my clients instead of wearing khaki’s and a collared shirt. At that time I had no suits and probably 4-5 ties from high school dances and 3-4 shirts. I decided to search for inspiration online and I discovered Instagram.  From there I got inspired from a variety of people and decided to do the same thing and pay it forward.  That’s my story…also I’m a father and dad to two boys.

There’s a few awesome press & honors I’ve received doing this hobby:

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