Dapper accessorizing basics: Lapel Pins

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Here’s a little story about me, about 2 years ago I did not own a lapel pin and I couldn’t even tell you what they looked like.  Fast forward to now and here I am writing about it.  The intention of this post is to give you some background and also give you ideas on what you can do with a lapel pin in your look.  A disclaimer to my posts…I am biased to my personal take on style. I am fully aware not everyone will agree with my interpretations so please be advised this is just my opinion.

Lapel Pins

A little background on lapel pins…from what I’ve read lapel pins originated from military to signal levels of achievement. I’m not sure which country or when but that’s how it started.  Since then lapel pins grew in popularity show to membership to an organization and now to today’s modern day ‘ornaments’ with no meaning.

Question 1:  Where do you place a lapel pin?  Historically lapel pins were places on the left side of the blazer or suit jacket lapel.  The reasoning is the lapel pin was near the heart which had significance to attachment and achievement of the pin they were wearing.  Today you can find lapel pins on either side…but the majority wear it on the left side.

Question 2:  When do I wear one?  The real answer to this is personal preference.  When I first started learning about men’s wear I’d wear one on every single outfit.  Why?  It was my ‘signature’…i.e. this accessory that would set me apart in a crowd.  Today I do not wear them on every look because I have set a cap on the number of accessories I wear in a look. I’ve learned that having too many accessories (3+) gets too busy and gets completely unnecessary.  However that is personal opinion.

Question 3: How do you style with them?  There are two takes I have with lapel pins.  1: I keep it in the same color sync with the rest of the look OR 2: I use it as my main accessory.  Here’s some examples:

Option 1:

Option 2:

Question 4: Which lapel pins should I buy and where?  This is personal preference but here’s a few places I recommend that have the pricing I’m comfortable with:  Harrison Blake, Ties.com, Lovely Lapels, Weekend CasualMelly’s Bow, Sprezzabox & DidiArtCorner  NOTE: If you can buy a lapel pin for under $10 (USD) it’s a decent price.

Question 5: What is my next lapel pin purchase?  Blue Feather Lapel from Ties.com Why?  It’s a unique, colorful, and a statement piece (i.e. #2 reason to wear it)


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